Written by AbangNara | January 3rd, 2009

gambar aidil zafuan

How to be a macho, handsome and tough male like Aidil Zafuan? Do we have to go to gym to get a tough body like him? Or do we have to periodically do exercises to maintain our stamina?

Still very young(21 years old), this Malaysia footballer is already married to Rita Rudaini, a sexy, hot and beautiful Malaysia actress. Being a footballer, Aidil Zafuan must have a lot of stamina to satisfy her wife.

Blessed with handsome face, any girls will fall in love with his charming and innocent look.

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Written by AbangNara | January 3rd, 2009

malaysia new year 2009 sex party

With the arrestment of Farahriza from Astro Awani in a narcotix and sexy bachelor  party for celebrating year 2009, the opening of year 2009 for Malaysia celebrity couldn’t be better than this.

Farahriza, a news reader for Astro is said to get married this 10 January, is already ruining her marriage with the involment in the new year (2009) wild party celebration.

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Written by AbangNara | January 3rd, 2009

sexy malaysia celebrity

sexy malaysia celebrity

Is the 2 pictures here too sexy for a Malaysia celebrity? What do you think? I do not know the name of the female Malaysia celebrity or rather the male celebrity, but one thing I know, he’s so lucky to have a photo shoot like this.

Written by AbangNara | January 2nd, 2009

gambar rozita chewan

Being a beautiful person can be difficult sometimes. Especially when you are Rozita Che Wan. A Malaysian celebrity who have it all, beauty, sexiness and experience in marriage, Rozita Che Wan is hotly being chased by rich Malaysia male.

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