Written by AbangNara | January 14th, 2009

Pictures of  Malaysia beautiful celebrity and hot single mother, Nur Aliah Lee or better known as Vee captured with her new boyfriend has already circulated in the Internet.

After her marriage with Aziz M. Osman collapsed, the charming Vee started to go out with the person in the picture only known to Malaysia public as Tengku Y.

We here at BeautifulNara wish all the best to Vee and Tengku Y relationship. May God bless you and may your relationship ends with marriage.

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Written by AbangNara | January 14th, 2009

We do not now this Malaysia female celebrity name but for us the pictures are too beautiful not to share with our readers. If you know the details of this Malaysia celebrity, please tell us.

We think that this female celebrity went on a holiday in Malaysia with her husband or boyfriend. She seems to enjoy it and look happy in the pictures.

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Written by AbangNara | January 13th, 2009

Mix race or nationality married couple’s will probably have a beautiful and handsome son or daughter. In this case, the talented and beautiful Maria Ozawa is a mixed from Japanese mother and German father.

This beautiful, sexy and young Japanese celebrity is a well known figure in Japanese acting industry. With her cute and innocent face, Maria Ozawa has hundred thousands of fans all around the world especially male fans.

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Written by AbangNara | January 13th, 2009

As you guys has voted in the who is the prettiest poll, Scha Al-Yahya has topped the chart with 102 votes for her. In second place is Lisa Surihani with 70 votes.

Please keep on voting because based on your votes we’ll be updating more exclusive unseen pictures of the winner. For now, to fulfill your demand, we bring you more Scha-Al Yahya pictures.

All of the pictures were taken from Scha Al-Yahya Facebook page. You can add Scha Facebook by registering with Facebook.

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