Written by AbangNara | November 6th, 2008

Taking self-pictured using hand phone is now a trend in Malaysia. With the right angle and timing, you can look so much better than in real life in your self-taken-picture.

However because of this trend, nowadays we can see how many young people, who has no steady job buy an expensive cell phone just to take picture and video. That is the reason why we see a lot of Melayu Bogel 3gp, gambar-gambar Melayu bogel and aksi terlampau gadis melayu. I hope you guys won’t be a part of those Melayu Scandal.

So what happen if you are already a beautiful person like Nora Danish and you take you own self-cam-picture? For sure if you are Nora Danish, you’ll look cuter and stunning in your cell phone picture. Nora Danish like to take this kind of picture.

Let’s have a look at gambar Nora Danish beraksi dalam keretanya. Enjoy!!!

Written by AbangNara | November 6th, 2008

If you subscribe to Astro, please do not forget Renjis 2, a drama starred by the cute Elyana. She has the same way of acting with Scha/Sharifah Nor Azean. Elyana along with Scha could be two of Malaysia Actress who can change the future of Malaysia acting industry.

The way Elyana talks, acts and express herself is the same with what we do everyday in our daily life. I think that what makes Renjis and Renjis 2 a big hit comedy drama. With the script is well written using “bahasa pasar”, I believe Renjis 3 will soon come out.

Recently in a forum, Elyana has been voted as the cutest actress in Malaysia. Now let’s us take a look at gambar-gambar comel Elyana. Some of them are really cute for me. How about you?

Written by AbangNara | November 6th, 2008

Well, if you are rich, anything can happen. Money is the source to get you beautiful, fair and hot young woman in Malaysia nowadays.

Plus if you are a ministry son, it will get so much easier. Hot chicks will follow you wherever you go even though you are not so good looking.

Even though this gambar anak menteri dengan awek-awek is not an artis, I believe these pictures merit a place here. This is what money can do. Bring you everything you want, fame, women and whatever you wished for.

Please don’t follow this fellow action. You know you can do better than him if you have the same amount of money he’s having.

Written by AbangNara | November 5th, 2008

Malaysia artist pictures are easily to be find in the Internet but only if you know some good websites or blog that talk about them. SyokKahwin, Budiey and SkyCrewz are only 3 of good blog that I know who blog a lot about Malaysia artist.

For now, BorakArtis is aiming to be one of the top blog to talk about Malaysia artis. We will post regularly especially if there is hot new and pictures of Malaysia artis. You can be sure to have the first look of gambar-gambar seksi/terbaru/comel artis Malaysia in this blog.

For today, I’ll let you guys have a sneak preview of pictures from Lisa Surihani, Sharifah Sofea(Spanar Jaya actress) and Mawi with Ekin who both went to kursus kahwin together. Gambar Mawi dan Eki pergi kursus kahwin is sure to be one of the hot topic for this lovely soon to be wed couple.

Enjoy the pictures below:-