Written by AbangNara | February 9th, 2009

baguskan i tak seksi kali nie ~~

Well known with her hot, daring and sensual pose, this time our beautiful Malaysia celebritiy, Fasha Sandha didn’t wear sexy bikini at the swimming pool when she should.

Apakah pendapat anda tentang gambar Fasha Sandha tak pakai bikini di kolam renang? Sila undi untuk kami mengetahui pandangan anda:-

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Written by AbangNara | February 9th, 2009

sampai terkeluar air dari mulut katak tue tengok farah quinn

Believe it or not, the beautiful, sexy and gorgeous Indonesia celebrity above is a chef, not an Indonesia actress or a singer.

However in terms of popularity, Farah Quinn has already achieved the status of an Indonesia celebrity because of her hot and sexy pose for magazines and newspaper.

Farah Quinn main mission is to travel around the world to promote Indonesia’s traditional food, cuisine and drinks. Somehow we think that she also promote the sexiness and beauty of Indonesian girls.

More pictures of the hot, young and sexy Indonesia chef, Farah Quinn by reading the full article.

Written by AbangNara | February 9th, 2009

menarilah dan terus menyanyi ~~ danny x factor

Dancing. Do you know how to dance? Honestly I never danced in my whole life, especially with beautiful girl like Danny X Factor was doing in the picture above.

Seems like, Danny and his girlfriend(the one in the Rejoice advertisement) are enjoying their life to the fullest. We can see how happy both of them dancing, holding hands and hugging each other.

More pictures of Danny X Factor(also known as Danny Budak Kelantan) with her girlfriend dancing and hugging each other by reading the full article.

Oh, by the way if you missed Danny pictures celebrating his birthday with her girlfriend, don’t forget to read it.

Written by AbangNara | February 5th, 2009

Like mother like daughter. Beautiful, young and sexy daughter and her mother is a very hot mom.

The sexy picture above is Atilia and her mother, Salamiah Hassan. Both of them seems to have a very close relation as we can see from the picture.

More pictures of sexy and daring Atilia with her hot mom, Salamiah Hassan by reading the full article. Vote for who you think is hotter and sexier below.

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