September 2nd, 2015

Berita mengenai perpecahan kumpulan Sleeq membuatkan peminat mereka cukup sedih dan ada yang seakan tidak percaya dengan perkara tersebut meskipun Alyph semalam memberitahu berita tersebut adalah benar.

Terbaru, Syarif pula menerusi akaun Instagram miliknya telah mengesahkan pembubaran Sleeq yang bakal berakhir pada November ini bukanlah disebabkan isteri-isteri mereka mahupun perkahwinan mereka sendiri.

Berikut adalah kenyataan terbuka Syarif:-

Good evening. Some of you might have heard it, guessed it, read it on gossip blogs or tabloids today. Some might even wonder the credibility of the news. It got out earlier than expected for some reasons but i believe it’s only fair and proper that you hear it from either one of the members through our official social media platform. Even words could be misinterpreted and manipulated during interviews.

So here it is. Yes it’s true that SleeQ will come to an end this November. We had a wonderful decade together and it was good while it lasted. Attractive headlines saying our marriage and our mrs could be the cause of the split might get you thinking and believing that it’s true. These writers’ level of inference and confidence really amazes me at times.

My story from me to you, all i can say is that our visions and objectives changed, vast artistic differences and the belief that some truths are better left unspoken. I take this as a career progression with full optimism. I’m focused with what is coming and the plans i have for myself and the people around me. I believe everything happens for a reason and there has been so much blessings in disguise ever since the decision was made.

He knows best. 
I would like to thank the media who has been supportive of our career since day 1, our movement who has been there with us through thick and thin. I apologise if this decision disappoints you. 
Thank you once again. 
A new chapter awaits.

Menerusi artikel kami siarkan semalam, Alyph selepas ini akan bergerak secara solo dan bertukar nama kepada Alif manakala Syarif bakal menumpukan perhatian kepada perniagaan beliau di Singapura.

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