Gosip Artis Malaysia Terkini & Gambar Artis Malaysia Terbaru Sensasi - Part 3903
Written by AbangNara | November 4th, 2008

Fara Fauzana, “anak emas Hot FM” recently wore a punjabi shirt to celebrate Deepavali Celebration in Hot FM Konti. Eventhough she looked like she didn’t take a bath before coming to work, she still look cute/stunning/manja like ever.

Now that Hot FM is the number one radio in Malaysia and Kieran also has joined the Hot FM team, I wonder what will happen to Era FM. Honestly I prefer Hot FM to Era because of their song choice suits me better. How about you guys?

I wonder who is the girl in the middle in the first picture? I know her face but forgot her name. Care to let met know?

Written by AbangNara | November 4th, 2008

Nur Fazura Sharifuddin or better known as Fazura is now a free girl. With rumors of Fazura beating her maid in a pub has ended, Fazura now can concentrate in building her name back in Malaysia acting world.

Fazura is talented, beautiful and charming young girl. I wish her all the best. If you are looking for Friendster Fazura, why not give this a click. She already have like 9 thousand friends in the list.

I hope Fazura will not stupid things like gambar bogel Fazura or gambar seksi Fazura. I hope she will be known because of her talent, not because of such a cheap publicity like other actress.

Let’s enjoy some of her pictures/gambar Fazura yang cantik dan seksi.

Written by AbangNara | November 3rd, 2008

I Love You No More !!! Abby Abadi cried while trying to ask divorce from her husband, Norman Hakim after the “tangkap khalwat dengan Memey” tragedy. She who then failed to convince the court to give the permission because of few details were not enough.

Abby was caught in photos crying. Here is “gambar terbaru Abby Abadi menangis” during the court session.

Written by AbangNara | November 3rd, 2008

Nora Danish recently divorced with her husband. I do not know the reason of their marriage failure but I can assure sure that Nora Danish’s husband is a stupid fellow.

How on earth can you divorce a beautiful, cute and sexy lady like Nora Danish? Maybe because gambar seksi Nora Danish appeared too much in the media? Who knows the real reason behind their divorce.

However, Nora Danish after the divorce still look as beautiful as ever. She still look energetic, happy and enjoying her life. I wish her all the best. By the way, below you can see how cute is Nora Danish bertudung. Comel sangat.

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