Written by AbangNara | December 24th, 2008

parti liar artis malaysia

With year 2008 only left a few days, it’s time to recap what has happened in Malaysia celebrities world. With a lot of divorce cases in 2008, I hope that year 2009 will bring a better life for our celebrities.

For now, I would like to recap some wild party pictures of Malaysia celebrity in year 2005. These sexy pictures f Malaysia actor and actress dancing became famous in 2008, so I consider that the event happened  this year.

For more pictures of Malaysia Celebrity wild party celebration consists of Sassy Falak, Ida Nerina, Ako Mustapha and Nora Danish, please read the full article.

Written by AbangNara | December 24th, 2008

Superb sexy action video from Fauziah Ghaus/Fouziah Gous (I don’t know her real name). Fauziah Ghous is a Malaysian actress with slim body, beautiful Asia face and cute style. Watch this simple yet sexy photo shoot video of Fouziah Gous. I’ll bet you will fall into love with her.

Written by AbangNara | December 24th, 2008

beyonce latest album, i am shasha

Beyonce Knowles who recently married to rapper Jay-Z is now gaining momentum through her new album, I Am Shasha Fierce. With her latest single titled If I Were A Boy topping up the chart, Beyonce cannot have a better life compare to now.

You may download the mp3 for if i were a boy single by Beyonce Knowles. The file is not hosted here so download at your own risk. You can view the video by clicking here.

If you are searching for the full lyrics of Beyonce Knowles, If I Were A Boy single, please read the full article.

Written by AbangNara | December 24th, 2008

hetty sarlene dan pakwe

hetty sarlene dan pakwe

Once upon a time in Malaysia, there was a beautiful young lady known as Hetty Sarlene. Hetty Sarlene was a singer and an actress.

She was quite famous among Malaysia celebrities fan because of her beautiful face. Suddenly, without any news, Hetty Sarlene dissappeared from Malaysia’s artist world.

Now’s Hetty Sarlene is back with sexy pictures with her boyfriend/husband at Bangkok. She wears short pants and give some hot pose alone or with her boyfriend. There’s even a picture in a bedroom with her boyfriend.

More pictures of Hetty Sarlene sexy pictures with her boyfriend at Bangkok by reading the full article.

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