Written by AbangNara | December 28th, 2008

cerita terbaru memey suhaiza

Latest information about Memey Suhaiza and Norman Hakim love tragedy story affair. From what we read, Memey Suhaiza’s Proton Persona car has been spotted at Norman Hakim’s sister house at Kuantan.

Memey Suhaiza was there to not only to celebrate Hari Raya Aidiladha but to discuss about their marriage. This all happened before the divorce between Norman Hakim and Abby Abadi.

Written by AbangNara | December 28th, 2008

mila dan elyana bertudung

The cover story for Malaysia premiere newspaper today(Bipop=Bintang Popular) is Elyana and Mila Akademi Fantasia 5. Both of them look pretty wearing “tudung”. I assumed that Elyana and Mila wear that just for Bipop cover, not for their own sake.

Both of them was talking about changes in their life. Mila and Elyana said they wanted to change for their family happiness. Nothing much to share here.

However if you want to know the profile and see more “bertudung” pictures of Mila Akademi Fantasia 5 and Elyana as provided by BiPop, please read the full article.

Written by AbangNara | December 28th, 2008

gambar rita rudaini hamil

Year 2008 has seen shocking marriage news for Malaysia celebrities. Maybe because of pressure from family, media and fans, a lot of Malaysia celebrities secret marriages happened.

Rita Rudaini who recently announce she is married to Aidil Zafuan is in her 2 months pregnancy. We would like to congratulate Rita Rudaini and Aidil Zafuan for the good news.

For now, there’s still none of Rita Rudaini pregnant’s picture but we have a few of Rita Rudaini’s sexy, hot and beautiful pose pictures.

More sexy pictures collection of Rita Rudaini by reading the full article.

Written by AbangNara | December 28th, 2008

Agnes Monica from Indonesia not only a talented actress but also a very outstanding singer. Blessed with beautiful face, Agnes Monica also has her own unique voice.

Year 2008 has seen this female actress and singer from Indonesia breakthrough Malaysia entertainment industry with her latest single known as “Matahariku”.

Let us enjoy the latest single video clip titled “Matahariku” by Agnes Monica.

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