Written by AbangNara | December 27th, 2008

sexy david beckham with underwear

David Beckham football career in year 2008 has seen downfall since his transfer from Real Madrid, Spain to LA Galaxy, United States. However that doesn’t mean David Beckham value in the advertisement industry has gone down too.

A high class fashion brand, Armani has made a step to approach David Beckham to be their model for the latest male Armani underwear collection. With multi million contract offered, David Beckham made a special pose wearing only Armani underwear that made a lot of female crushed on him.

More pictures of hot David Beckham Armani underwear by reading the full article. Info taken from BorakArtis blog.

Written by AbangNara | December 27th, 2008

Year 2008 has seen a lot of Malaysia made film turned into box office. Film like Jangan Pandang Belakang even break the record with more than 7 millions ticket collection.

With the Christmas holiday and school holiday still going on, Cicak Man sequel known as Cicak Man 2 is now back into Malaysia cinema. Can Cicak Man 2 collect more compare to the first movie?

Here’s a snapshot, preview of Cicak Man 2 The Movie directed by Yusry KRU.

Written by AbangNara | December 27th, 2008

Year 2008 has seen the rise of Malaysia user in Youtube. More Malaysians internet user uploaded a lot of self-made video and make their own name in Youtube.

For an example, a user known as MarilahBerbaikBaik aka MBB became quite famous with his simple yet funny Youtube videos.  All he do is put a Malay subtitle in India, Mandarin and Korea video. Simple idea but somehow funny.

Now let’s us watch the Youtube video that make MBB quite famous.  The Youtube video title is Geli Mat.

Written by AbangNara | December 27th, 2008

gambar bogel sarah azhari

Wow. Indonesian actress do know how to make their entertainment industry shake with their news. The latest one, Sarah Azhari and her twin, Rahma Azhari were pictured naked with a foreigner.

Sarah Azhari and Rahma Azhari were always famous in Indonesia and Malaysia because of their sexy photoshoots. Now they have take a one step further by taking these kind of photos.

All of these sexy pictures were taken while both of them are away during holiday. Please make sure you’re 18 years old and above before proceeding to view the pictures.

More pictures of sexy Sarah Azhari and Rahma Azhari by reading the full article.

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