Luahan Hati Seorang Pembaca BeautifulNara Untuk Para Pengkomen


Luahan Hati Seorang Pembaca BeautifulNara Untuk Para Pengkomen

Lama juga Abang Nara tidak kongsikan luahan hati daripada pembaca BeautifulNara. Selalunya email yang dihantar kepada Abang Nara, luahan hatinya adalah ditujukan kepada selebriti-selebriti. Menariknya email yang Abang Nara terima semalam, luahan hatinya adalah ditujukan kepada para pengkomen di blog ini. Walaupun disampaikan dalam bahasa Inggeris, Abang Nara rasa agak menarik juga luahan hati ini untuk dikongsikan dengan anda semua.



Berikut ialah luahan hati pembaca yang Abang Nara rahsiakan namanya:-

Hi BeautifulNara the Malaysian entertainment blogger,

I’m currently doing a Diploma in Entertainment Arts at KDU College because I got a big passion to becoming an entertainment artiste in Malaysia. Since the local entertainment scene will be my career in the future, I just started reading local entertainment blogs to gain a knowlegde about the local entertainment industry and how the artiste do to pursue their career.

After a month of research, I found out that the BeautifulNara blog is one of the most popular entertainment reads in Malaysia. I like your writing about the celebrity gossips but YOUR READERS AND COMMENTATORS ARE TOTALLY SUCKS. It’s making me afraid to enter the local entertainment scene since their fans are so judgemental and narrow minded.

Why they must read your blog when their mind can’t open to accepted something reliable to the entertainment jobs such as latest fashion and urban exploitation? It really sadden me very much because I really want to be in this industry but when the society are this way, how can I be survived?

As for example, the latest news about Tiz Zaqyah dying her hair red, I think her hairstyle is very nice and up to date as I seen red as a very trending colour right now and I took it as normal because I seen many people dying their hair but YOUR READER?! Are they living in the forest and never seen people dying hair as how their judging about Tiz Zaqyah hair is really stupid and immature. Why they must related anything that celebrities do religiously?

Are they a perfect human for God? Most of your readers are Malays, I’m a Malay but all the Malays I known is not like all those people that commentating and judging the Malaysian celebrities (Maybe because I lived in Subang Jaya and only knows people that lived around KL such as in Damansara, Hartamas and Ampang).

Are all the Malays outside from the city are like these?! Why are they so narrow minded and judgemental? They seem like the BIGGEST FAN in the local industry but why it’s so hard for them to be open minded and well-accepted in anything that the celebrities do? Why does they want everything in their own way?

And the most stupidest thing, why they want to expect all female celebrities to wear Tudung when the Google searching box showing that a Malaysian is a total pervert towards female celebrities, as an example, as I trying to search Neelofa’s name or other female celebrities, the thing popped out is as an example: neelofa seksi, neelofa seluar dalam, neelofa bogel, etc.

It’s not happened only towards Neelofa but also to the other female celebrities! As a female, and a Malaysian, I felt sad toward these because its showing how perverts and stupid Malaysian (Malays mainly) is. But ironically, they are also wanting all the female celebrities wears Tudung and be in the way they want but that is such an hypocrites, stupid and immature reason since they also have a huge sexual imagination towards Malaysian female celebrities.

Oh God, are the real Malays are really this two-faced and stupid?!?! How can I enter the Malaysian entertainment industry when all the fans are these way? How can I survived with these type of people? I feeling so sad… I grew up around open-minded people but if one day, I should be facing the lower level Malaysian people, I wish I could teach them to learn more about the world, and to some Malays, I want them to stop being racist, religionist, narrow-minded and jugdemental.

As a Malay, I feel so sad when some of my people have this kind of lifestyle, attitude and behaviour. I hope you, BeautifulNara, is an open-minded and well-thinking person and not LIKE YOUR READERS. Hope one day, the Malaysian entertainment industry will be change because if things like these keeps going, Malaysian artiste can’t be well standard and be recognized by the world.


Secara jujur, Abang Nara menghargai setiap komen yang dihantar ke BeautifulNara. Namun sayangnya Abang Nara tak cukup masa untuk periksa satu-satu dan membuang mana-mana komen yang tidak senonoh. Abang Nara beranggapan anda cukup dewasa untuk memberi komentar secara matang dan berhemah. Takkanlah budak-budak umur 10 tahun nak mengomen kat sini kan? Jadi apa pendapat anda mengenai luahan hati ini? Adakah para komentar di BeautifulNara terlalu jumud? Atau ada punca mereka memberi komen sedemikian? Kongsikan pendapat anda.

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