February 2nd, 2009

rita rudaini

Currently into her 2 months pregnancy, Malaysia beautiful and hot female celebrity, Rita Rudaini revealed that she begged for her parents-in-law blessing.

Her marriage with Aidil was kept a secret from Aidil’s family until late December 2008 when both of them met Aidil’s parent to ask for their blessing.

However things turned worst as both of Rita’s parent-in-law came up with a press release to show their anger towards their son marriage. Last week, Rita Rudaini told the press that she did not prevent her husband from meeting his parent.

We wonder why Aidil’s parents cannot accept Rita Rudaini as their son’s wife. Maybe because of the age difference or maybe because she’s a celebrity with too many bad gossips before?

What do you think? Who is to blame in this matters? As for now, we pray for both of them to have a happy marriage life.

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