December 18th, 2008


If we are to believe what Syamsul Yusof Haslam said about his ex-girlfriend, Diana Danielle, we may call Diana Danielle as a playgirl. However let rethink about the facts:-

      1. Diana Danielle is 17 years old. Still very young, why does she have to stick with Syamsul while there’s a lot of man out there waiting for her.
      2. Diana Danielle is a hot girl. Of course she’ll have a lot of boyfriends. Even if she doesn’t want to, most of the guys will be chasing her.
      3. Syamsul not that good looking and not rich. His father (Yusof Haslam) is rich and has a better look than him. I wish Diana was Yusof Haslam’s girlfriend instead of Syamsul.

      I still cannot believe Diana is lying about being punched 5 times by Syamsul. I think Syamsul became over jealous because Diana said she doesn’t love him anymore.

      Chill out Syamsul. You and Diana still very young. There’s a lot of guys and girls out there waiting for both of you.

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