November 3rd, 2008

Sensational stuffs has been circulating the world of Malaysia artist lately. With the hottest one should be “tangkap basah Norman Hakim and Memey Suhaiza“. On the same day of that news, there has been a report saying that Aziz M Osman(46) has separated with her young, lovely and beautiful wife, Nor Radhiah Ramli(22).

Aziz M Osman kena tipu“. If you read Harian Metro last Sunday, Ustazah Radhiah actually is still in a marriage with another man when Aziz M Osman and her get married. 2 husband in a time for an Ustazah. Wow, that is something extreme.

Both of them have not been living under the same roof since August 2008. What a pity. Radhiah Ramli such a beautiful wife. Furthermore she’s an ustazah. Now let’s take a look at “gambar isteri Aziz M. Osman“.

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