Written by AbangNara | December 18th, 2008


TV3 drama Puaka Niyang Rapik is a new horror drama which replaced Kekasihku Seru. Airing every Thursday, 9.30 p.m, Puaka Niyang Rapik tells a story about a village known as Niyang Rapik. The village is controlled by a “bomoh” and his wife as the villagers believe in “tahyul” stuff.

Compare to Kekasihku Seru, I can say that Puaka Niyang Rapik storyline develops too slow. Even the horror scene is not that terrifying, with the ghosts just keep appearing without any real motive.

If you want to watch Puaka Niyang Rapik past episodes, you can watch it online through YouTube using this link or you can go directly to TV3 website. Enjoy.

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  1. flower says:

    ala ending dia x besh la..
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    a ah la…
    tp enjoy jugak la tgk citer nye

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    npe x bley nak msok tv3 online…

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    bongok shiaaaaaal….

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