Written by AbangNara | January 6th, 2009

gambar terlampau scha al-yahya

Most popular search terms that brings visitors to BeautifulNara blog, Scha-Al Yahya made a huge mistake by taking these two pictures. Scha was hugged by a male, showing her true colour instead of her normal “gadis Melayu” style.

Before debutting in Malaysia acting world, Scha had a gossipped with a pilot as she was a stewardess before. Maybe the male who was hugging her is the pilot? Who knows, but my persepsi towards Scha is starting to change right now after seeing this “gambar terlampau” of Scha Al- Yahya.

gambar terlampau scha

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48 responses to Scha Al-Yahya X-Rated Pictures

  1. DEBAB! says:

    tepi skali tue macam pondan jerw..

  2. nyeh says:

    sundal sngt… hahha~

  3. rehan says:

    Cuba perhatikan baju merah tepi tu beb….ketiak itam..huahuahuahua…

  4. juztembikai says:

    alar..beser ler tuh…xsmua perfect..ahax..

  5. sheila says:

    saye setuju cakap awak debab dan rehan..

  6. yana says:

    almk kOrg nie kecOh laa..myb time nih die hang out ngn mmbe die ke?mn kte tw kn? pape pon scha ttp jd my idola..hee.

  7. y_2y says:

    weyh,sape kt sblh 2?aduyaii,seksi gilerrr…ha3

  8. minnie_cute says:

    wpon die pelakon…tp jgn la pse cmtu…org lain mun tgkp gmbr,,,xkn la cmtu sekali…pepon…scha good luck

  9. dorothy says:

    kecewa aku tgk scha ni..
    igtkan dia ni bdk baik..
    bdk kampung dtg bandar la katakan..

  10. hashida says:

    kecewa nampak scha tu~

  11. flower says:

    aku pon kecewa gak..

  12. ni says:

    jgn la kecewa lg…
    dia nih ok
    kite support la dia….

  13. kajang pak malau says:

    tol ke dia neyh..x caye ak..

  14. lala87bpgurl says:

    alamak ai…jgnla scha…stay away from all kinda this activity…lari jejauh tau….jgn hampakan pminat k….

  15. mayakarim says:

    erkkk Scha!! bile nk pkai tudung ni!! pakai la tudung. kalo tk nk pkai tudung pun jgn la bkepit dgn lelaki mcm tu. tk elok beno org mlayu buat mcm tu.

  16. makbudak says:

    scha ni sebelum jadi artis pun selalu pg clubbing la… dia asal sungai petani tapi membesar kat kl la…sosial but tak la terlalu sosial dia ni…

    tapi still tahap suke gi clubbing la…

  17. morbid says:

    x-rated mendanya

  18. ieqa_1995 says:

    wat!!btowlker gmbr nie…mke mcm laen cikit jer…tp ape2pown scha ttp jd my fav artist..

  19. azian says:

    eeeee….gambo cm ni pon nk eran kew????ingatkan bogelll…owey support scha!!!!

    • ladybird says:

      ek eleh minah nie..ko minat ek betina sundal nie???
      ke ko pn same ngan dye???hak10,,,,,
      xyh r jd kn die role model ko..pe yg ko dapat?????

  20. scha_fan says:

    ala………….scha tu kan artis.biase la fan nk brgmbar ngn dye..bukan x pkai bju..gmbr gitu pon nk kecoh ker????walopapepon scha ttp my fav artist..support scha…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. zaza says:

    alahai kak scha..nape kak scha mcm tu ek??? hampa laa hati nie lihat kak scha mcm tu..hurm.apa2 pun sy tetap sokong kak scha..sy minat sngt2 kat kak scha nie..anyway,,gud luck ek..assalamualaikum..

    • hothotheat says:

      bese la bdk2 br nek jd artist culture shok sket…
      even die ta jd artis pon die akn g jgk tmpt2 mcm 2..
      ble da jd artis pndi2 le jg dri..

  22. anakkonda says:

    hahaha x nmpk pe bdk baik pn mcm gler sex ada r

  23. Gynbet says:

    inikah sbb2 knapa Fahrin mintak clash?krane scha playgirl

  24. scha fanatic fan says:

    bse je pic tu
    pela kcoh2
    tak kisahla
    tu zman dlu2 dye
    mb skg dye da len
    lev scha

  25. yzd says:

    eiii…..mcm ayam tembatan yang di lelong kat golok sana la …scha ni…..ada ati nak wat kenytaan kat melodi !!!!CERMIN LA DIRI 2 DULU..AWAK 2 PLAYGIRL….TAK DE MARUAH PUNYA PEREMPUAN!!

  26. ainur says:

    eee…so gtl jantan 2!x malu kew pluk anak dara owg…!

  27. pnjg n kap says:


  28. oliq says:

    nape scha jd camnie.x takut akhirat ke

  29. oliq says:

    nape scha jdi gini

  30. shuhada says:

    comelnya yg tepi blh kanan 2. kalah scha. biasa je gamba .xlh truk sgt

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