Written by AbangNara | December 17th, 2008


Starting from last 15th December 2008, Linda Onn, a former Era FM “anak emas” will be giving her service to Sinar FM, Your Retro Music Station.

I still do not have the chance to hear when Linda Onn’s segment airing, but from what I read in Mingguan Malaysia, Linda Onn doesn’t seem to be so happy with the decision.

Linda Onn was quoted saying that her style is not retro but more into pop, R and B, hiphop and latest hot song. I can assume that she’s dissappointed for suddenly being dropped from Era FM deejay list.

I wonder what’s the reason behind this transfer. I wish Linda Onn luck in her new place. Or maybe she should just apply to Hot FM. What do you think?

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21 responses to Linda Onn Finally Went To Sinar FM

  1. ni says:

    sian dia nih
    dh makin x glamer…
    nasib baik ade bisnes makan makan
    klu x ssh jugak tuh

  2. flower says:

    aku tetap dengar suara dia..

  3. ni says:

    dh masuk geng org org tua la masuk sinar heheheh
    ala linda pn bukan nye mude lg ….

  4. WORLD says:

    Menyampah betul bila dengar suara dia nie..sakit telinga,buka kedai makan pun bukan nye sedap sangat baik beli kat pasar malam lagi sedap, nsib baik kena tukar klu kena buang macam mane…

  5. lala87bpgurl says:

    2la….jual mahal tau u ni…

  6. Anonymous says:

    .: Linda x Cun Scha lg cun..sesuai laa dia ngan Diddy 2..:.

  7. Linda Onn says:

    Ada udang disebalik batu.. ada orang dengki kat Linda Onn.. I know ! Tak caya, tanya orang radio and tanya Linda sendiri !!

  8. Tazlilan says:

    apa khabar kak linda?tolong beri petua untuk tackle awek,
    sebab saya tidak mempunyai awek.

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