Written by AbangNara | January 19th, 2009

Jessica Alba is one of the hottest babe in the world right now. Jessica Alba has not only a sexy body figure but a beautiful face, cute style and awesome talent in acting.

These pictures of Jessica Alba are rare pictures taken from the unfamous movie featuring her. The movie title is The Sleeping Dictionary which was filmed at Sarawak, Malaysia.

More pictures of hot, beautiful and sexy Jessica Alba by reading the full article.

27 responses to Jessica Alba Sexy And Daring Pictures Collection

  1. Kak Long says:

    aku pernah negok movie ni, ade scene cemelot + “main” ngan actor tu, cukup tak suka arrr.. dia lakon kat m’sia, jd org m’sia, at least jagala adat kita, tak kira arr race aper pun, dah kita kan rakyat MALAYSIA, tersohor ngan adat resam, sopan santun…ishhhh…

  2. hgh says:

    tetek kecik x byk susu

  3. taik idung says:

    itu bukan dia pun dlm babak tu.

  4. naruto says:

    pic first tu cam org asli..
    yg pkai2 tanduk kt kpale tu cam org sabah..
    n pic last pkai xckup kain tu bru cmfirm mnah saleh..
    cam2 paten ader..

  5. sabahking says:

    tissues please !! she is damn pretty with her sexy body!!

  6. aku says:

    agak2x klo nak bagi komen, sabah2x jgn main k! ingat negeri ko ( naruto) tu hebat sgt la..?!

  7. seks melayu says:

    banyak air ni. best2.

  8. flower says:


  9. boxer hugo bosss says:

    hot ker?
    muke comey mnje adorable ade ar..
    kalo nk seksi tue cam bipasha basu tue…kuikuikui…
    die xde rupe omputeh sgt ar diekan mix mexico..so kulit pun sawo matang je

  10. hello kitty says:

    if artis malaysia buat, u all diam jer, tapi bila orng putih buat.. suruh jaga adat la, inila itu la..

  11. wan says:

    letak la video sex dia baru best.buah dada dia boleh tahan ek

  12. ai says:

    nie yang nk buat aq lancap nie

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