Written by AbangNara | November 6th, 2008

If you subscribe to Astro, please do not forget Renjis 2, a drama starred by the cute Elyana. She has the same way of acting with Scha/Sharifah Nor Azean. Elyana along with Scha could be two of Malaysia Actress who can change the future of Malaysia acting industry.

The way Elyana talks, acts and express herself is the same with what we do everyday in our daily life. I think that what makes Renjis and Renjis 2 a big hit comedy drama. With the script is well written using “bahasa pasar”, I believe Renjis 3 will soon come out.

Recently in a forum, Elyana has been voted as the cutest actress in Malaysia. Now let’s us take a look at gambar-gambar comel Elyana. Some of them are really cute for me. How about you?

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13 responses to Elyana, Gambar Pelakon Utama Drama Renjis 2

  1. lela cute 1991 says:

    very cute……..

  2. ni says:

    oklah dia nih…stakat nih xde gossip
    clean la jugak

  3. eton(bknnamasebenar) says:

    stylo dak elyana ney..

  4. flower says:

    lawa gak dia nih..

  5. jojio says:


  6. ano says:

    sangat2 bezzz

  7. kiki says:

    cute? kemek je.. mwhahahaha

  8. nora says:

    dulu comot jerk… poyo2 sket… skang cantek!! suke die.. sgt sweet… pakai ape pon cantekk…

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