Written by AbangNara | June 28th, 2010

kuiz artis tegur air oren

Tak ada klue sebab korang semua pandai meneka. Sapa betul Abang Nara belanja air oren yang betul-betul. Silalah teka ~~~

Written by AbangNara | December 24th, 2008

parti liar artis malaysia

With year 2008 only left a few days, it’s time to recap what has happened in Malaysia celebrities world. With a lot of divorce cases in 2008, I hope that year 2009 will bring a better life for our celebrities.

For now, I would like to recap some wild party pictures of Malaysia celebrity in year 2005. These sexy pictures f Malaysia actor and actress dancing became famous in 2008, so I consider that the event happened  this year.

For more pictures of Malaysia Celebrity wild party celebration consists of Sassy Falak, Ida Nerina, Ako Mustapha and Nora Danish, please read the full article.