Written by AbangNara | December 24th, 2008


Year 2008 has been a shock to the whole Malaysia citizens. Once a genius, Sufiah Yusof or better known as Shilpa Lee turned out to be a hooker. The news breaked out when Shilpa Lee confessed in a exclusive interview with UK newspaper, News Of The World.

I don’t the condition of Sufiah Yusof aka Shilpa Lee right now, but when the news breaked out, there’s a lot of talks about saving her. She admitted that the abused she received from her father when she was young is the main reason she turned to a hooker.

More sexy pictures of Shilpa Lee aka Sufiah Yusoff(who once was a Malaysian genius but now a Malaysia hooker ) by reading the ful article. Please be remained that some of the pictures may not suitable for your viewing.