January 8th, 2009

gambar seksi linda jasmine

Soon to be married hot single mother (better known as hot mom), Linda Jasmine showed off her true colour by wearing a sexy dress upon appearing in an event.

With her back completely exposed, Linda Jasmine does know how to attract male fans attraction. No wonder her soon to be married boyfriend Que Haidar falled in loved with this sexy, hot and stunning old lady.

What do you think about Linda Jasmine sexiness? Too much or you want more her to be sexier?

gambar seksi linda jasmine

December 31st, 2008

linda jasmine

Everyone knows what is the meaning behind the date 14 February. It’s Valentine Day and it is a very special day for every loving couple in the whole world. Valentine Day is now being celebrated everywhere in the world to show their love to their own special one.

For Que Haidar and Linda Jasmine, 14 February 2009 will be a very special date for both of them. The two Malaysia celebrities is widely gossipped to get married on this date. Both of them already attended the wedding course.

We would like to wish both of them congratulations if the rumours that Linda Jasmine and Que Haidar will get married on Valentine Day is true. Happy marriage and a special congratulations to Que Haidar for stealing the heart of a hot mom, Linda Jasmine.

November 18th, 2008

Kalau bercinta buat apa malu nak mengaku. Nanti terlepas kat orang lain, kita sendiri yang merana. Mungkin ini sesuai diberitahu kepada pasangan hangat Que Haidar dan Linda Jasmine.

Mungkinkah video Que Haidar membelai rambut Linda Jasmine semasa sesi penggambaran pertandingan Sehati Berdansa yang dirakamkan menerusi handphone membuktikan yang mereka berdua sebenarnya bercinta? Baca artikel ini sepenuhnya kalau nak tengok video tersebut.

November 3rd, 2008

Linda Jasmine or better known as the dancer trainer for Akademi Fantasia students has been caught very sexy during an annual dinner of a company.

This hot mum should be careful not to wear this kind of clothing that showed some part of her breast/buah dada. It’s kind of irritating to see an old woman with her boobies.

Recently Linda Jasmine gossip with the young actor(I forgot his name) has been circulating. I can see why the young actor so eager to get marry with Linda Jasmine after seeing the picture below.

In the future I hope there will not be anymore gambar seksi Linda Jasmine or any other Malaysia woman artist. It is time to sell the talent, not the face or sexy body anymore.