Written by AbangNara | December 27th, 2008

gambar bogel sarah azhari

Wow. Indonesian actress do know how to make their entertainment industry shake with their news. The latest one, Sarah Azhari and her twin, Rahma Azhari were pictured naked with a foreigner.

Sarah Azhari and Rahma Azhari were always famous in Indonesia and Malaysia because of their sexy photoshoots. Now they have take a one step further by taking these kind of photos.

All of these sexy pictures were taken while both of them are away during holiday. Please make sure you’re 18 years old and above before proceeding to view the pictures.

More pictures of sexy Sarah Azhari and Rahma Azhari by reading the full article.

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50 responses to Sexy Sarah Azhari And Her Twin Pictures In Bath Room

  1. […] pictures from Indonesia actress came up in the Internet. Last time, we wrote an article about the sexy bikini pictures of Sarah and Rahma Azhari, today we have something far sexier, hotter and […]

  2. ni says:

    mak aih
    pebende nih

  3. flower says:

    sexy ler..
    bkan sexy tp hot..

  4. co2m says:

    keren abiz postingnya.jgn pek ktinggalan gosip bro.thanks

  5. annaliz says:

    dia orang ni islamke…?

  6. kila87 says:

    sp dia ni?np aku xknl hhu

  7. alim says:

    jomromen njgan saye nk x

  8. azam says:

    Nak jadi pelakon filem lucah bukan susah sangat,tunjuk kemaluan je.

  9. alim says:

    disni sayeberi pengajaran jgn lah snda bogel romen je la terus

  10. rozy says:

    diorang muslim..

  11. leesa4003 says:

    dah ada depan mata tengok jelah

  12. wan says:

    i jus wana say, congrats……….wldonelh indonesia……cayok

  13. ami says:

    just show la..no need to censored

  14. toyhunks says:

    eeemmm….hangus terbakar….bogel n main la tu…dah dlm kolam dok kiss2 bagai…mesti setan bertelur dan berlurah dah ada kt dlm sauna tu..

  15. samsguarians says:

    Selamat ke neraka… !

  16. boyz says:

    mak datuk….ke neraka trus tu..!

  17. pening says:

    Hancusssss anak azhari ni..kesian mak bapak dorang….

  18. chaiyo says:

    sian mak bapak dia…dpt ank2 cegini…

  19. WaLoa says:

    lesbian ke????

  20. Haikal says:

    Ape ar owang zaman skng kan.mcm die wat

    • mimie says:

      biarlah kat dia….asalkan dia bahagia..dosa pahala dia tanggug…kita lah ape yang kita wat dan kiter lah yang akan tanggung atas aper yang kite wat.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Mentep mentep tuh body

  22. erri says:

    knp diindonesia ad orang yg maw mamerin tubuhnya…

  23. org indonesia says:

    mcm la kat m’sia xde sebijik pun yg show bogel

  24. JACK says:


  25. shah says:

    send banyak lagi gambar artis indonesia bogel tampa sence

  26. muslimah says:

    astghfirullahalazim…… bertaubatlah… kiamat dah dekat….
    buat ape nk tayang body tu?? kalau cantek x pe… macam BEROK je saya tengok. x gebu pon tetek 2 ekor BEROK ni…. sory….

  27. amy says:

    wou cekci nye

  28. aimi says:

    ya allah tobat lah wee agak agak arh nak tunjuk body konon kalau cantik takpe lah jugak

  29. jul says:


  30. junky says:

    nama cam nama orang muslim, tapi yang pasti kalau perangai cam ni comfirm orang kafir…….

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    ya q cumn bisa protes j, engk lebih…. mf ya…..

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