Written by AbangNara | February 2nd, 2009

Sexy, tight and hot dressing style by Malaysia female celebrity or actress, Raja Farah during the red carpet of AJL 23. She look stunning, beautiful and daring in the pink dress.

More pictures of the lovely, young and beautiful Raja Farah during Anugerah Juara Lagu 23 red carpet by reading the full article.

23 responses to Simple Yet Elegant And Sexy Dress Up By Raja Farah

  1. menteil says:

    wow! my taste.. hehe..

  2. manbelon says:

    …wow! my testis..hehe..

  3. Ade Ku Kesah..? says:

    tah pape pompuan ni..

  4. flower says:

    x lawa langsung..
    mcm aper ntah..
    kelakar gler…

  5. ni says:

    ceria warnyanya

  6. ila says:

    blakon dalam mertua vs menantu nampak csm tembam lak ak tengok.. kadang2 nampak cam muke dian sastro lakk

  7. alamak terkentut says:

    looo besarnya lengan ko

  8. scan says:

    lawa betul la rambut awk

  9. Not my taste………….. ahak. macam le aku pernah rasa budak ni. :)

  10. laser says:

    x seksi pon ………. ramai lgi artis yg seksi dri die……..tpi rmbut die mmg cun……rmbut je cun tpi orgnye x pon!

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