Written by AbangNara | January 11th, 2009

The hottest female Malaysia celebrity in 2008, Memey Suhaiza is back with her latest pictures or photos. This time Memey Suhaiza does not put any make up at her face.

In our honest opinion, she looks rather beautiful in these 4 pictures. What do you think of Memey Suhaiza latest pictures? Beautiful? Ugly? Or no comment?

More latest pictures of Memey Suhaiza, the most famous Malaysia female celebrity in 2008 by reading the full article.

Written by AbangNara | January 9th, 2009

cristiano ronaldo

cristiano ronaldo

Recently crowned Fifa World Player Of The Year and Ballon d’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo escaped from death after a car crash on the way to Manchester United training ground.

Cristiano Ronaldo was driving  a Ferrari F599 worth more than 190,000 pound which crashed to a barrier inside the tunnel. However, Cristiano Ronaldo did not have any injury and continue his training like usual that day.

More pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo and his Ferrari F599 car which crashed badly in the accident by reading the full article.

Written by AbangNara | January 8th, 2009

david beckham underwear picture

David Beckham is a football legend not only because he have the ability as footballer but also as a advertisement marketer. One of David Beckham’s most talked advertisement was his Armani underwear advertisement.

Can you imagine how many female David Beckham’s fans jumped out of enjoy after seeing his pictures with Armani’s underwear? I bet if you are a female and still not yet saw David Beckham pictures with underwear, you’ll be screaming out after seeing below pictures.

For the complete pictures of David Beckham Armani underwear advertisement, please read the full article.

Written by AbangNara | January 8th, 2009

gambar seksi linda jasmine

Soon to be married hot single mother (better known as hot mom), Linda Jasmine showed off her true colour by wearing a sexy dress upon appearing in an event.

With her back completely exposed, Linda Jasmine does know how to attract male fans attraction. No wonder her soon to be married boyfriend Que Haidar falled in loved with this sexy, hot and stunning old lady.

What do you think about Linda Jasmine sexiness? Too much or you want more her to be sexier?

gambar seksi linda jasmine

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